watching the ratings

December 3, 2010

Arms Race is currently 3 views away from reaching 4,000 views on YouTube so whilst waiting I thought I’d put together the various download figures for some of the interent projects I’m involved in, these figures are all up to 30th November 2010.

For Jack Steel we’ve had over 20,600 downloads of the episodes, over 3,000 downloads of Starblade Unsheathed (our “making of podcast”) and the Jack Steel Song has been downloaded 126 times!

The Spiffing Review Podcast which I do with Simon Jones has had over 6,000 downloads, which is not bad considering it’s just me and Simon waffling about films we’ve seen.

Still, we must be doing something right if people and listening to and watching what we’re doing!


Jack Steel downloads!

November 16, 2010

20,000 Downloads Milestone!

Hurrah!  We’ve now reached 20,000 downloads of Squadron Leader Jack Steel & The Starblade from our website & podcast host – this doesn’t count the when it was broadcast / podcast by the Sonic Society across Canada & the USA!

We’re really please it’s proved so popular, and certainly getting all these downloads makes it all worthwhile.

Thanks for your continued support and check back soon for news about our new podcast series coming next year!



Jack Steel Episode 12 – Showdown

March 1, 2010


Squadron Leader Jack Steel and the Starblade – Episode 12
In the airless void around Uranus, Jack and his companions have finally discovered a weapon that might defeat the Qaxorian invaders. But as they prepare for take off it seems that Mordred has intercepted them once more, maybe for the final time.
Yup, it’s finally the last episode of Jack Steel, it’s been a lot of fun and we’re all really pleased with how it’s turned out.
Find out more over at the Jack Steel Website

Downloads ahoy!

February 23, 2010

So yesterday saw the single largest number of downloads from our Jellycast Podcast host, with over 1.6GB in 1 day.  It’s not huge in the grand scheme of things podcast-wise, but it’s still a good benchmark.

It’s a combination of Jack Steel and Spiffing Review downloads, but it’s nice to see we’re reaching an audience, at some point I believe we’ll get a mention or a retweet that will rocket us up the download charts, but until then it’s a case of biding our time.


Squadron Leader Jack Steel & The Starblade Episode 11

February 21, 2010


In their quest to save the Earth, Jack, Charlie and Yvette have blasted off from Titan towards a mysterious space station which might hold the key to defeating the Qaxorian invaders.


Squadron Leader Jack Steel and the Starblade – Episode 11 or visit the website

This is the peunultimate, and I think my personal favourite.

Jack Steel, Episode 10 – The Agenda of Evil

February 15, 2010


Squadron Leader Jack Steel and the Starblade – Episode 10 or visit the website

With the help of the Titanian Resistance the Starblade is once more ready to take to the skies. But Jack, Yvette and Charlie’s presence on the moon has brought a deadly foe in their wake.




Jack Steel Episode 9 now uploaded

February 7, 2010

This week sees episode 9 of Squadron Leader Jack Steel & The Starblade unleashed to the world.

Badly damaged in their first encounter with the Qaxorian fleet, the Starblade has crash landed on the surface of Titan. But will the moon’s mysterious inhabitants prove to be friendly or just another threat?

Squadron Leader Jack Steel and the Starblade – Episode 9 or visit the website

This marks the half way point for the second series, it’s rapidly coming to an end.

I hope you agree these episode keep getting better!

Episode 8, Unequal Odds, now available

February 1, 2010

This week sees episode 8 of Squadron Leader Jack Steel & The Starblade unleashed to the world.

Deep in the outer reaches of the solar system, Jack Steel has taken the fight to the Qaxorian enemy, only to discover that the Starblade’s weapons are useless against the alien shielding. Now, surrounded by enemy vessels, Jack and his friends face a tough fight to escape.

Squadron Leader Jack Steel and the Starblade – Episode 8 or visit the website

Jack is back!

January 24, 2010

Finally, after 15months of waiting, we are pleased to be able to release episode 7 of Squadron Leader Jack Steel & the Starblade.

Squadron Leader Jack Steel and the Starblade – Episode 7

We’re all really pleased with series 2 – it’s certainly more of what I wanted when the idea was first mooted, and most importantly, it’s the sort of thing I like to listen to.

A big thanks to everyone who was involved.

If you want to find out more visit the website

Squadron Leader Jack Steel and the Starblade – The Adventure Continues

December 10, 2009