What’s It All About?

Hello reader (if there are any).

I decided finally to get a blog as I’m now doing more internet gubbins, and I thought this would be an ideal place to some of my musings and stuff.

My two main internet ventures (in a predominantly unpaid way) are:

Squadron Leader Jack Steel  The Starblade a podcast based very much on the Flash Gordon / Buck Rogers serials from the 1930s.  There’s much derring do and heroic goings on, and we recording the second batch of episodes this Sunday!

It’s A Wrap! Simon & Wayne’s Spiffing Movie Review a movie review podcast where Simon Jones and myself give our thoughts on some recent (and not so recent) movies – it’s still in its early stages, but I think we’re getting there.  I’ll probably add additional reviews and comments here after the episodes.

So, that’s it for now.




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