Fifty Films, Fifty Days

Unfortunately I found this all too much and gave up after 10 films.  I might try again in the future.


Over the past few months I’ve been rekindling my love for bad movies, sci fi movies in particular.  I recently discovered the existence of the Sci-Fi Classics  boxed set (available from Amazon).

So, I’ve decided to watch them all over the course of fifty days and after each film I’ll be doing a short podcast review of each of them.   So what are the films in question I hear you ask.  Well it’s none other than:

1. The Incredible Petrified World
2. Queen of the Amazons
3. Moon of the Wolf
4. She Gods of Shark Reef
5. The Amazing Transparent Man
6. The Atomic Brain
7. Horrors of Spider Island
8. The Wasp Woman
9. Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet
10. Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women
11. Kong Island
12. Bride Of The Gorilla
13. Attack of the Monsters
14. Gamera the Invincible
15. Santa Claus Conquers the Martians
16. Teenagers From Outer space
17. Crash of the Moons
18. Menace From Outer Space
19. Hercules Against the Moonmen
20. Hercules and the Captive Women
21. Hercules and the Tyrants of Babylon
22. Hercules Unchained
23. Lost Jungle
24. Mesa of Lost Women
25. Assignment: Outer Space
26. Laser Mission
27. Killers From Space
28. Phantom From Space
29. White Pongo
30. The Snow Creature
31. Son Of Hercules: The Land Of Darkness
32. Devil of The Desert vs. Son Of Hercules
33. First Space Ship of Venus
34. Zontar, The Thing From Venus
35. The Astral Factor
36. The Galaxy Invader
37. Battle Of the Worlds
38. Unknown World
39. Blood Tide
40. The Brain Machine
41. The Wild Women Of Wongo
42. Prehistoric Women
43. They Came From Beyond Space
44. Warning From Space
45. The Phantom Planet
46. Planet Outlaws
47. Colossus and the Amazon Queen
48. Eegah
49. Cosmos: War of the Planets
50. Destroy All Planets

May the Great Maker Help Us All!

*EDIT* Coincidentally My Fiftieth Post!


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